20% LTV what is best?

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I 'm looking to buy for 280,000 with a down payment of about 220,000

So borrowing about 60,000 for a term of 5 years about £1000 a month

I was looking at the mortgage best buys beta on MSE and was disappointed not to find a tick-box to return results of mortgages with no arrangement fee/booking fee
There is a tick-box to return results with no early redemption fee.

And a pity there is not a total cost of year 2, year 3, year 4 etc or of the full term

I can see that the Woolwich cashback of £1000 makes year 1 the cheapest overall, but others like Darlington BS are only slightly more for year 1, and their year 2 would be cheaper than the Woolwich year 2.

Then there are others with big fees in year 1 but would be cheaper in year 2...

I would probably be overpaying as much as I was allowed to aswell like 10% of balance.

And I think I would be reluctant to remortgage after 2 years I would probably just stay with the same deal until it is paid off.

Is there any other websites I can find with tools that will display the total cost of the full term (5 years) if I select an option to overpay by 10% each year?


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