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  • Miss_Money
    Miss_Money Posts: 9,682 Forumite
    I would just like to say... (and i wasnt going to do this as i didnt want it known it was me that recived such kindeness and a wonderful gift) A HUGE thankyou to the bad mums :) i asked thier advice on weather i should buy the cot on ebay for the asking price of £70 as our bid didnt make the reserve.. (i was going to pay) they said yes... So i said id go and pay by paypal.. before i knew it though the lovely mums (who im so proud to call my friends) had all clubbed together and bought it for me.
    I spent the night crying with happiness, as this was true kindness, and i had told them not to do it, but they simply said " we were going to buy something for the baby anyway, you might as well have something you need from all of us". the upshot of thier unbelievable kindess is now my baby has a cot, a changing unit, a matress and bedding.
    I have come to regard my friends on the bad mothers thread, as just that, REAL genuine frinds. Not internet mates. We text one and other and call each other. And the therad offers us all real support in times of needing emotional support and all the good fun times too :)
    i'd be lost without all of them, so a HUGE thanks once again to about 25 VERY special ladies :kisses3: :grouphug: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMMxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Bad mother to 2!
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  • Mistyang
    Mistyang Posts: 20,545 Forumite
    Hi....and MM how you deserve it hun you are such a lovely girl and we value your friendship as much as you value ours.
    When I saw your post about the cot I thought it would be nice to chip in and I told the other mums in the thread, suddenly it was a reality and our dearly loved friend organised the bidding on ebay. I sent her a cheque straight away and it made my day to be able to help in this way. Never in a million years did I imagine you would get all the other lovely things too.
    Now you are making us all honourable Aunties to baby and me an honorary Nanna which is wonderful.
    In this post I hope you dont mind hun if I also say a big thank you to the girls for their wonderful support when I took ill last week at work...how caring and loving you all are and I am so proud to be a member of the Bad Mothers thread. Thank you all and miss money...I am chuffed to bits for you hun ...Love Mummy Misty moo xxx

    It restores your faith in human kindness doesnt it? there are lovely caring people about always willing to help or just listen...its awesome....
    So thanks Martin for letting us have the Arms for our chats.. xx
    And I have done reading & geography.. too ! ;)
    Dont break my heart...my miley smiley cyrus heart :D
    Crazy Nutters Member No 1067
    Bad Mothers Member No. 153 and Mummy to the lovely girls & MSE Nanna...:j
  • Gingham_Ribbon
    Gingham_Ribbon Posts: 31,520 Forumite
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    MM, that is just WONDERFUL!
    May all your dots fall silently to the ground.
  • Miss_Money
    Miss_Money Posts: 9,682 Forumite
    GR- i know my ladies really are a special lot :) i spent the whole night with tears of gratitude running down my face :o the cot was bought for £70 (along with the changing unit) but the ladies gave me double that amount :o saying i could put it towards other stuff, so i bought a materss and bedding too.
    It just makes you realise that there are some wonderful people out in the world , and im so proud to call these people my friends :) xx
    Bad mother to 2!
    Bad Mother's Club member #4
  • looby75
    looby75 Posts: 23,387 Forumite
    MM with the amount of people you have helped via being the tesco coupon queen you deserve a heck of a lot more in return than we gifted you :D

    You are a lovely lady, a brilliant mum and a fab friend. I'm glad that in a tiny way I could help welcome maddiebump into the world (when she gets here lol)
  • vik6525
    vik6525 Posts: 16,347 Forumite
    Im crying again.... xxx
    You lied to me Edward. There IS a Swansea. And other places.....

    *I have done reading too*
    *I have done geography as well*
  • frannyann
    frannyann Posts: 10,970 Forumite
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    MM, its because no matter how you are feeling, you always have time to support others. That makes you special. Thanks for giving me so many hugs when I need them, just wish I'd found all the lovely BM's sooner!!
    :rotfl:Ahahah got my signature removed for claiming MSE thought it was too boring :rotfl:
  • the others have already said it but i will too - you always find time for other people no matter how tired you are, and you haven't had an easy pregnancy.
    you're so lovely and we all feel like aunties to this baby (but can i be auntie to millie too so she doesn't get jealous?).

    i was going to get something delivered to you anyhow, so this made more sense because it meant you got something you definitely needed xxx
    'bad mothers club' member 13

    * I have done geography as well *
  • Miss_Money
    Miss_Money Posts: 9,682 Forumite
    :o you have got me crying again now :o:cry: :grouphug: xxxxxxx and yes carmina you can be millies auntie too :)
    Bad mother to 2!
    Bad Mother's Club member #4
  • I'm only just catching up with everything since my hols, so only just found out about this thread!

    I can only say what everyone else has Miss-M - you get only what you deserve hun, and you and yours deserve the very best in love, life and happiness! And if our girlies have managed to give back a fraction of what you've given us, then we'll all go to bed a little happier tonight.

    Looking forward to coming to visit soon hun!

    Housework won't kill you, but why take the chance
    The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be the beginning
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