Too soon for Xmas?!

Now, don't get me wrong. I LOVE Christmas and I'm already getting quite excited about it...

But I went into Lidl today they had mince pies out! And mulled wine... I gave up on summer weeks ago but I'm not quite at the mulled wine and mince pies stage...(although I'd be lying if I said I didn't buy a bag of gingerbreads. Don't judge me).

Anyone else feel like this? Have you spotted any Christmassy goings on yet?
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  • 7roland8
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    Yes I love Xmas too but hate to see the chocs etc in shops already - how much stuff do we need to buy? Even with food shopping its only one or two days and Xmas dinner is only a glorified Sunday lunch with a few extra trimmings - and I don't like having piles of junk food left over in January - so you don't need that much extra.
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  • chrissy59
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    wilkinsons have there selection boxes out and most of the pound shops in town have cht=ristmas stuff out beside their Halloween stuff
  • chanie
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    I'm not buying any goodies (unless in tins etc) for a while yet after the following happened with stuff I put away:

    Mould - we had some in the spare room and the tubes of smarties I bought got covered.

    Mice - nibbles through the chocolate Santas I bought.

    Forgotten food - I bought some goodies which I put away and then forgot until spring, then it had gone off.
  • LalaGomay
    LalaGomay Forumite Posts: 517 Forumite
    I don't mind it being out already - I don't have to buy any of it.

    But I do think it's weird that my Tesco has Christmas stuff out but no Halloween stuff. :huh:
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  • I love christmas! I can't wait to get the decorations out and the kids seeing santa!
  • kathrynha
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    I don't mind shops starting to stock their Christmas cards now as they can take a while to write, and craft shops stocking stuff early, as you need time to make stuff and the supermarkets putting the Christmas cake making ingredients together in a prominent place

    However stuff that doesn't take ages to make or do don't need to be for sale yet.

    I am starting to think of gifts now, but none of them are Christmassy things. I think October half term is plenty soon enough for shops to start stocking stuff.

    As for selection boxes and stuff. If I bought them now, I would need to buy them again a few times before Christmas as they accidentally end up eaten :(
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  • lea2012
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    I absolutely love Christmas, it's my favourite time year, but I absolutely hate that we seem to be bringing it earlier and earlier each year!!

    As above I understand craft shops and the baking aisle perhaps having things out now, but if I had my way the shops would be banned from having and christmas decor or items for sale until the 1st Dec!

    You could still do your Christmas shopping early as realistically most things we buy aren't 'christmas' themed, and then just top up in December with the christmassy bits and bats. It would just make things a little more special knowing that it was for one month only and not for 6 months of the year as it almost is now!
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  • Nargleblast
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    Hear hear! Ban all the media hype until December 1st. Children get wound up far too early about Christmas, and that adds to the stress all round.

    I love the season but, working in public service, I never know if I will be working over Christmas or not until sometime in November, then I plan our family celebrations accordingly. I always have annual leave early December to get things like present shopping done and food shopping lists sorted. Decorations go up in Chateau Nargle around December 15th. An online supermarket delivery is booked for as near to 25th as possible (you need to book end Nov/beginning Dec as delivery slots soon go)then I just get last minute fresh stuff locally - you will not catch me in town or in a supermarket Christmas Eve.

    By keeping a sense of proportion, ignoring the advertisers and refusing to get caught up in the hysteria, we end up having a happy, relaxed Christmas celebration, whether on the 25th or not. And that is what it should be about, not how many tins of sweets you buy or how much you spend on the kids.
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