UK Holiday Hamper Ideas?

Hi all

I have had a search online and wasn't overly inspired, but immediately thought of this board for brilliant ideas!! :j

I am on a very tight budget and following a number of family difficulties this year my Mum has, amazingly generously, paid for her, myself and my brother, + 3 collie dogs, to go away for a week in the UK. Now, I have asked if I can pay towards this, as my mum does not have the finances to really pay for this, but she isn't having any of it (Mum's hey!!).

So I thought maybe I could make a hamper for her to say thanks? I was thinking something along the Box of Sunshine type, but perhaps things she could use on the holiday? Does anyone have any ideas?

To help - she is a very young 60 year old! Has an iPhone and a Samsung Tablet, as well as an Amazon Kindle and a love of Minions.

Thank you all in advance!!

S xx
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    Knowing the UK... an umbrella might be a worthwhile addition?!

    Maybe you could take lots of photos on the holiday and turn those into a gift- a photobook for instance is a lovely personalised way of capturing memories.

    In terms of hamper ideas, you haven't said where in the UK you're going/ what sort of holiday it is... Perhaps you could find an attraction nearby and treat her there/ make vouchers for an outing or afternoon tea or something. Amazon Local and similar sites often have interesting ideas....

    Sorry if this isn't really any help, but I couldn't read and run x
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