Mortgage Payoff and Travel


I am looking to radically change my life, sell up and travel the world.

My plan is to sell my house, pay off the 72K mortgage and pocket 70K profit. I will then travel the world for a year or 2 and then rent and work to fund further traveling. Crazy I know but looking for some advice on the best way of doing this. I currently have a offset mortgage.

Am I best just paying off and investing the money somewhere or is there a better way. If not what is the best way to invest the money so that I get the best from the capital. I don't have much savings so I will need to access this money to some degree.

Any help appreciated



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    Why not consider renting it out while travelling and just working as you go?

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  • ZumaZuma Forumite
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    Thanks for the reply. I need the funds to travel
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    I really admire you grabbing life like that. What a mega opportunity. No advice but lot's of admiration.

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    Advise on here is mainly how to pay your mortgage off which i guess you can do when you sell the house :]

    only advise i would give is enjoy every second of it :]
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    Me and BF DID this 11 years ago don't regret it a bit.

    Put money in interest making accounts whilst you aren't using it, if there's any that you aren't going to use put in a longer term option with higher rates. My best advise is getting someone you 100% trust access to ones of your accounts in case you need money. In fact my parents are still signatories on my account now!!!

    Have fun :-)
  • ZumaZuma Forumite
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    Thanks for the support everyone, very encouraging. I guess I need to post in one of the investment forums and look to do as advised.

    Much appreciated everyone so far :)
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