Pay off mortgage Vs investments

I am new to these types of things and have sought financial advice previously.
I have been able to retire relatively early in life which included a lump sum and a monthly pension about £1000 less than what I was earning when working.
First thing I did was pay off all my outstanding debts. Credit cards, store cards, clubs etc.
I've about £100000 outstanding on the mortgage with about 14 years left. I still have have approx. the same amount left of my lump sum.
Currently have a 123 Santander account with £20000, both my wife and I have isa's with £30000 each and a savings account with about £18000.
My current mortgage deal runs out in October so plan to something then otherwise I get penalised.
I'm leaning towards paying a large chunk off the mortgage leaving about £20000 left and make overpayments to get it off quicker or pay it all off but both my wife and like the idea of having a sizeable chunk of money left in e bank, about £35000. Or investing the money of which we are pretty clueless in that area.
Advice please
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