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    hightara wrote: »
    Motorola UK have stopped responding to my messages, since I escalated to the the Director Marcus Frost.
    I have phoned them in the past but they are using an 0845 number... then I had to sit through 20 mins of music as they were busy. Lost the will, and put the phone down.
    Since 13 June 2014 it has been illegal to offer a premium rate 0845 number for after-sales enquiries and issues. UK consumer protection regulations give callers the right to a refund of the illegal call charges.

    Breaches of the regulations can be reported to the Citizen's Advice national Consumer Helpline either online or via 0345 404 0506. They collate cases to pass on to the relevant Trading Standards department.
  • Must admit, not impressed with resolver.

    1. Raised complaint with local county court on 14th Nov. No responses and escalated twice still no response. Was about to involve local MP when on 24th Jan six email replies arrive, dated between 15th Nov and early Jan (not dated) from all three stages

    2. Raised issue of delayed emails with resolver via resolver on 1st Feb. Auto reply received same day...then nothing. Now escalated to second stage, no doubt will get all replies in March.

    3. Also had to raise complaint about Three . Again no response and two weeks later Customer service claims nothing on file from resolver. Next day....a response via resolver thanking me for my contact, it may take 14 days to look into it.

    From my experience, it seems as if resolver are acting as a gateway, introducing delays in order to calm the situation and maybe people will just forget it.
  • Not working fro me, I'm afraid. Launched a compliant with Lloyds chemists 13 days ago- no response from them whatsoever.
  • It's a very long story and much of the history isn't relevant but 3 years ago I bought a television with a 1 year guarantee from Amazon. It recently failed after 3 years. I tried negotiating a part refund with Amazon myself before turning to Resolver. Amazon just replied that they would only deal with me as the client and not my third party representative. I would add that Amazon have been totally intractable in negotiating to my satisfaction. They even told me twice in writing that it was quite reasonable to get just 3 years life out of a Sony television.
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    Please see your own thread about this - all the info you need is there. Resolver will not be a means to achieve a resolution in your case.
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  • I used the resolver website for an issue I was having with Zenith Insurance. I don't know if it was just a fluke, but i found it far quicker than going through a conventional call centre/emails. I alsothink the countdown to escalation tool is really useful, as it seems to prompt the organisations into quicker replying and resolutions. Bravo RESOLVER!!!!!
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    pwlpwl Forumite
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    I raised a complaint via resolver with John Lewis.

    Initially, I received a response asking me - for data privacy purposes - to email them from the email address associated with the order I made with John Lewis. I did so.

    Then nothing.

    However, this morning I receive an email from John Lewis Customer Support, saying:

    "As we deal with all complaints internally and via email, I must advise you that we are unable to go via a third party such as Resolver. To access the reference you provided (RES6410***) we would be require to log in, as as I have stated this is a third party application and thus not used by John Lewis & Partners.

    I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you. Should you require any other assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.".

    Is John Lewis correct in its assertion that it is not obliged to engage with my complaint via Resolver? If it is, then why doesn't it have its name removed from the list of entities on the Resolver website?

    Equally, it does then make the website offering a bit pointless.

    Would be interested to hear your views. Thanks.
  • tryintryin Forumite
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    How does Resolver make money? Is there a person writing the letters, or is it all software?
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    tryin wrote: »
    How does Resolver make money? Is there a person writing the letters, or is it all software?
    Resolver is just an E-Mail template, it is not (as some have thought in this thread) a "representative."

    No one monitors the complaints made and any "escalation" is automatic and down solely to the time passed since the initial contact.

    It makes money by selling complainant's details in an aggregated and anonymous format.

    The link in the first post of this thread explains it all in more detail. Here it is again;
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    I used Resolver to complain about Yodel couriers, it worked as Yodel contacted me to view my complaint and apologize. I found that it was the only way Yodel respond, useless company
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