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edited 23 May 2015 at 6:41PM in Debt free diaries
Yes I am back again, having a good waffle on. Think this is my third entry of the day, still ironing undone and doggy moo not walked. These no spend days are very boring so I am going to work out a plan this evening to keep me occupied instead of sitting on my fat but. I did have one good thought earlier and that was to save at least £10,000 after my debts are cleared, this would be great to have in the pot when I am CC and mortgage free. I am approaching 50 so the main plan as-well as being debt free is to get fit, this is going to another major challenge but hey got to try. Well off to walk doggy moo, might even set ironing board up who knows

CC £8,440 down to £6,440/ now down £5,980 /Mortgage £29,570 /Total debt £36,010
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