Christmas present 2017-Debt Freedom

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Welecome to anyone who reads this diary. This diary is to help me to be more accontable over paying off my debt. I live on my own and work for a large organisation.

My overall debt including to family is £8,150.91. I got into debt through a mixture of things, boiler repair,illness and plain old overspending. I've down a snowball calculation and my debt free day will be 17 December 2017. I will be able to pay off my Virgin credit card in 2 months. I've just received an email offering me another deal quickly deleted. I'm in charge not them.

I've done a spending diary which has come up with some surprises in how much I spend in shops and buying sandwiches etc for work lunches.

One thing that will save most money will be the hardest is not catching taxis to work. I have a bad habit of oversleeping which leaves too little time to get the bus to be at work on time so I get a taxi.:eek:

My plan is to:-1)put my alarm clock on the dressing table so I have to get out of bed to swich it off, 2)have everything need for work including lunch ready the night before, 3)have a no taxi day challenge NTD challenge, where I get to the point that they are only used a luxery-this idea has come from No Spend Day Challenge which I've found useful.

So I'm declaring that the week commencing 25th of May will be a 2 Taxi week.

Halifax Credit Card 0% until April 17 £4,020/4120, Lloyds Credit Card 0% until March 16 £1140.91/1752 Nationwide Credit Card £159.32/200
Virgin Credit Card £623.83/623.83 PAID OFF. Mum £3,000/3,000

TOTAL DEBT £8,320.23 DEBT FREE DATE 17 December 2017
Emergency Fund £220/£1,000 NSDs Aug 10/10
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