finished today

I feel that I should blow a little whistle in celebration


I paid the mortgage off today.

I started overpaying about five or six years ago with a gift of £500 I had.

It kind of stuck at low overpayments randomly for a few years but the last couple of years I became a bit more disciplined and tried to throw £500 a month at it ..Not always possible but more hit than miss .

I don't feel much different really ..But I feel I have done what I said I would a few years ago Old me is thanking younger me for doing it's bit and a little more.

I have shaved around ten years off the term. I do know I could probably have made more banking the cash with these low interest rates ..But I also know I would have spent half of it and the mortgage would still be with me.

For anyone considering starting overpaying or feeling like the mountain isn't getting much smaller with each little chip of the hammer ..I can only advise you to look closer at the small differences ..focus on that each week ..the next time you look up a few months later you will notice the change .

I have one sad thing ..I used to really enjoy loading the online banking morgage history and list through all the little overpayments and see it reducing over the years ..No more of that now ..

I had the intention of overpaying but was galvanized into action by reading stories on here ..So a big Thank you to all who have posted on this part of the forum ..

It wasn't a big mortgage ..Only about £40,000 no amazing mission ..But I had other things to do and I am satisfied with how things have gone...


  • FiregirlFiregirl Forumite
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    That's great!!!! Well done and enjoy!
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  • MortgageFreeMimiMortgageFreeMimi Forumite
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    Well done! Do add this to the roll of honour. I check that when I need inspiration!
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  • LuckyinlifeLuckyinlife Forumite
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    Well done and thanks for posting this will keep us all going big time :]

    Enjoy your money you can keep save and use now :]
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  • jodles16jodles16 Forumite
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    Fantastic news!! Congratulations! :beer:
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  • CathTCathT Forumite
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    Congratulations. Enjoy your mortgage freedom!
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  • juststuff123juststuff123 Forumite
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    Congratulation & Well done. Enjoy you achievement! It's good to read about people who have achieved their goals especially when your own seem so far away.:beer:
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  • Wow that is wonderful news! x
    MFW :)
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  • Thank you all for wishing me well.

    It is worth the slog ..And for all those with huge mountains to climb I wish you luck on your journey ..Seems I was just walking with you to the foothills and left the real peeks to the Pro's :cool:

    You never know ..I might be getting another mortgage in the near future .. I might be back trudging along with you all again pretty soon :)
  • Well done whats the plan now????
  • elantanelantan Forumite
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    fantastic, well done, so very happy for you, thank you for posting
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