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5 Year Fixed rates tell us what?

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Decided to do a 5 year fix on my recent mortgage.

Was surprised at that the rate was only 2.9%. Have seen others on rates from around 2.75% to 3.4% and up.

What is this telling us about what the banks think is going to happen to interest rates over the next 5 years?

Rates can't get appreciably lower but can increase markedly in response to market conditions. Have the banks got it wrong?


  • The rates have come down a lot over the last year and there are many 5 & 10 year fixes available too.

    Some analysts have suggested the rates could come down further following QE at European Central Bank.

    Obviously, no one know for sure what will happen.
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    It's to do with the rates are lending to each other now. Given the lack of inflation and high interest rates in the stable world it is to be expected.
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    with what ltv did you get that rate?
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