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Remortgage - solicitor never changed land registry

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Long story short, bought a house 3 years ago using fixed rate 3year mortgage over 25 years.

After making the final payment at fixed rate we have attempted to change mortgage company to get a better rate as you do.

Unfortunately this has taken a significantly long time because the Solicitor never changed the names on the land register to show we own the land. Due to this our new remortgage application hasn't completed and we are now stuck with paying the higher variable rate with old lender until this issue is resolved.

Is there anything I can do by way of complaining about the solicitor or even getting reimbursed for the difference in higher payment we have had to pay because of their mistake?
Ultimately I paid for a service which wasn't carried out 3 years ago!

Any advice on how to move forward or how I change land registry without paying a solicitor again would be appreciated.

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    What has the solicitor said?
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    I suggest a polite letter to the solicitor, making them aware of their oversight and of the financial consequences you have suffered and inviting them to complete the work for which they were paid and to reimburse the costs that you had to bear.
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    If you still have your paperwork from the original purchase, check to see whether you paid your solicitor to update the LR (this would be the usual situation but better to check first to be 100% sure).

    Then (assuming this was something you did pay them to do) write to the firm as outlined above. They may have to retrieve your file from storage, which could take a short while, but should acknowledge your complaint quickly.
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