MSE News: Price of stamps set to rise next month



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    I still have four books of first class and six of second class that I bought the last time.
    If only the post office would improve their service to cover these price hikes
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    JAG wrote: »
    That is a thread about not
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    That is a thread about not is registered to an individual and not business, so that should always flag up a warning.
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    I'm sure if you send that amount of letters, particularly for business, there are much cheaper solutions.

    He was just a one man band, not a big company. Besides, we are talking about Costco coupon price.

    These days, you get 2% cashback for Executive membership, and you can use American Express to pay, and I can get 1.25% cashback.
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    Mmm, some might, but I received a sympathy card through the post when my Father died and it just upset me even more. Not everyone appreciates others so called good intentions and in my case, I wished they's saved both the cost of the card and the stamp. That's not being miserly or mean spirited, it's a case of I personally couldn't see the point, especially when the person who sent it saw me in person later anyway which I found far more comforting.

    That's a shame. I can well understand that it upset you at the time but most (and I say, most, not ALL) people appreciate getting sympathy cards because they are something that they can store away and get out at a, maybe, less emotional time and gain some support in realising how much their loved ones meant to others.

    That is no criticism of you and I am sorry for your loss, I am just giving you another side of the 'story' as it were.
  • Hi everyone

    This is my first post after a few years of receiving the MSE emails and browsing the very helpful forums, so please let me know if I've not approached this in the best way.

    I've spent the last half hour trying to find recent discussions about snail mail and this is the closest topic I found so please do move this if it should be somewhere else :-) I'm posting today on two related snail mail issues.

    I'm a keen letter writer/card sender and for the last year I've been sending two or three cards, letters, large letters every month to a dear friend who relocated and now lives a few hours away. We still chat, text and email but both of us enjoy our postal communications. At least we did initially... :-)

    In the past 6 months, we seem to be losing about 50% of the post we send to one another. It simply never arrives. I sent 4 items recently (from London to Lincolnshire), all first class, all with clear address info and my return delivery addresses on. The first two items arrived the next day. Next two items vanished like the others- they were sent 2 weeks ago. It seems more goes missing in Lincolnshire, but several of her items to me have also never arrived.

    I have been in touch with Royal Mail to log the issues so am not posting here for advice, but I would be interested to know if my friend and I have a localised issue. Are there other MSE letter writers also encountering repeatedly vanishing mail? (We've noticed large letters are particularly likely to go walkies for some reason.) I'm aware of the media coverage about Royal Mail's issues trying to deliver promptly and to all UK addresses our mail isn't delayed, it simply vanishes.

    Following on from these issues, I'd like to know if I can create a poll or suggest one for the main site about what other MSE members do with mail that is mis-delivered to them. From chats with chums, I seem to be alone in either writing "return to sender - no longer lives here"; dropping anything from a bank to a nearby branch so they can update the customer's details, or walking it round to the right address if it's a few doors up the road or sometimes a few streets away.) I was surprised when one friend said they simply binned it, asking, "But wouldn't you want a neighbour to return your mis-delivered letters and save you the hassle of chasing up your insurance company or bank for the info to be resent?" Apparently not!

    Apologies for a super long post. All thoughts, comments and suggestions eagerly anticipated if you managed to make it to the end :-)
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