MoneySaving Poll: Would you support renationalisation of energy, water, and more?

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Poll started 27 January 2015

Would you support renationalisation of energy, water, rail and more?

Since the 1980s the Government has privatised many essential services, often by floating previously state-owned companies.

Those arguing for privatisation often focus on increased efficiency due to competition. Those against that say firms do what’s best for their shareholders and not for consumers. It’s a complex argument, but we’re really most interested in testing public sentiment so are keeping it simple.

Please vote for the choice closest to your own opinion on whether you support renationalisation for each of the listed services.

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  • aldredd
    aldredd Forumite Posts: 925 Forumite
    For me, it's Water that should be the highest priority. At least with the others I have an element of choice - be it whether to use it, or who provides it. (Granted, choice may be limited, but there's usually some for most people).

    Water on the other hand - it's an essential item, yet you get no say over who provides it to you - you're forced to be supplied by a pre-designated supplier who then has the monopoly. Result is woeful service, and little recourse.
  • tgroom57
    tgroom57 Forumite Posts: 1,430
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper
    I would like to see separate votes for electricity and gas.
    Gas is a limited resource, more so than electricity.

    I couldn't give a toss about gas, but I feel our electricity supply needs to be more certain than now, and so needs to be renationalised.
  • I think it would be acceptable for the government to nationalise rail because they have a closer relatonship with it, anything else i think would cause more harm than good in terms of how the uk is seen as a nice place to do business.

    The damage or improvement of privatisation has been done now.
  • DerbyPensioner
    DerbyPensioner Forumite Posts: 14
    Part of the Furniture 10 Posts Combo Breaker
    Beware of what you wish for.
    I would prefer strategic utilities to be under national control but those of us who are old enough may remember the fat cats and poor management of nationalised industries and the stranglehold of the unions over those industries.
    Neither method is ideal but adequate,sensible and non-political control by government is important. Cloud cuckoo land maybe?
  • dastep
    dastep Forumite Posts: 39 Forumite
    The poll missed one major system that needs to be made private and that is the failure called the NHS. Reduce taxes and let people seek private healthcare. Then let the government fix the dilapidated roads and transport system and bring that into the 21st Century.
  • dw1
    dw1 Forumite Posts: 37 Forumite
    those of us who are old enough may remember the fat cats and poor management of nationalised industries and the stranglehold of the unions over those industries

    I was fairly certain on thinking the railways should be renationalised but this comment did make me think... I've got no doubt it would bring fares down, but then the one 'nationalised' railway I have to use on a daily basis (the tube) has a more or less annual strike.

    In the case of the railways the advantages to nationalisation probably still outweigh the disadvantages, but for most of the other industries I'm not so sure. My general opinion is if we don't have a choice of supplier (e.g. water) then nationalise it.
  • royston_vasey
    royston_vasey Forumite Posts: 14 Forumite
    Is all this support for renationalisation on the basis of the assets being seized by the state without compensation to the present owners? If so is there any regard for the catastrophic affect that will have on the pension funds of UK workers who have massive shareholdings in those companies (and the rest of the private sector which will be thrown into chaos)? If present owners are to be compensated, how will any UK government consider it possible to raise the necessary additional borrowing to acquire the businesses given that the government is already borrowing £100,000,000,000pa to fund existing spending? Even if the businesses were renationalised how would any government feel able to raise its borrowing requirement in all future years to finance the capital spending of these undertakings. Renationalisation really is pie in the sky as Sryiza is about to realise.
  • Jivesinger
    Jivesinger Forumite Posts: 1,221
    Ninth Anniversary Combo Breaker
    For things like Gas and Electricity, I would go for a third way.

    Create a nationalised company which would sell energy alongside the privatised companies. It would be tasked with attempting to make a small profit (say 3%) so the privatised companies wouldn't cry 'foul' at unfair competition on prices, and would have to follow the same rules as other suppliers in terms of how many tariffs they could offer. Any profits could go back into the Government's coffers.

    Basically it's like National Savings, but for energy.
  • Bella56
    Bella56 Forumite Posts: 215 Forumite
    Certainly wouldn't want BT to be the national telephone and broadband provider! They are pants!
    Debts 2004: £6000..............................................Aug 2007: £0!!!!
  • madhatter1960
    madhatter1960 Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    Thatcher, should never have been allowed to sell off state owned businesses. They were owned & paid for by the tax payers of this once great country. Selling them off cheap to her rich cronies. Now we are paying the price. Remember greed breeds greed.
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