Newspaper thread and front pages - Tuesday 30 December 2014

Clickable front pages for today here:

Please post further details of any vouchers, deals etc below.

Current prices:
Financial Times: £2.50
Guardian: £1.60
Independent: £1.40
Telegraph: £1.40
Times: £1.20
Mail 60p
Mirror: 55p
Express: 55p
Sun: 40p
Star: 40p
i: 30p
Metro: Free


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    And (some of!) the front pages, showing details of any vouchers, freebies etc (the rest later, hopefully):






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    The Ebola issues in Britain was just waiting to happen,i am going to Jamaica on holiday in february and received correspondence from the tour operator advising if we had travelled to an African country in the last six months we would not be allowed access to Jamaica.
    They can do it why cant we ?
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