Momentary panic

Does anyone else out there get a moment or two of panic when making online bank transfers and it doesn't get reflected on the accounts instantly? Usually it's only 10 - 15 mins but the mortgage is a different story.
I make overpayments online, it's a beneficiary that is set up in the address book so doesn't change. But the details I send to are a generic Ulster bank account, with my mortgage account number as the reference, so I assume some sort of human interaction/checking procedure to allocate it to the correct account. Which can sometimes take 3-5 days to show up on my online account.
These few days i am constantly worrying that my hard earned money has disappeared, neither in my bank account nor in my mortgage account, and then the relief I feel when I log in and see the reduction in balance.

Does anyone else ever feel like this?, or do people have online mortgage accounts that aren't on an antiquated systems like mine and show transactions quickly?
Mortgage = [STRIKE]£113,495 (May 2009)[/STRIKE] £67462.74 Jun 2019


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