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NIE £30,000 Electricity Connection Charge

edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in N. Ireland
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  • Snowflakes wrote: »
    Thanks Alexsewell. Would the pv system run the whole house do you think?
    I saw that article about the couple in similar situation. I'm not sure how they got on but judging by NIE's response in the article I'm guessing the couple probably had to just pay up.

    It would need to be some size of a system to run a house off grid on PV and batteries seven days a week. Probably cheaper to pay the 30k to NIE.
  • The date for us to pay the deposit to NIE is nearly up. We are just thinking it might be better to hold off until the contestability comes in later this year and see if it makes it any cheaper?
  • My mate got a wood boiler put in by Graham of Green Energy Store, Graham was telling him he got a similar quote from NIE so he was going to put in a green system and use batteries for storage. He'd get everything at cost for himself but should be able to tell you what the costs are for going down that route and if it works!
  • Thankyou fireman-phil. We'd definitely go for it if it was possible to run a house on it.
    I've asked NIE to look at the price again and even contacted the chief exc but they aren't budging sadly.
  • hopefully you get good news on this front. give a company solamatix nuts corner a ring. they mite help
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  • CmcvCmcv Forumite
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    Hey just wondering how you go on? Did you end up having to pay £30k.

    I have just bought a site and have been given an estimate of 25-30k.

  • Mistral001Mistral001 Forumite
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    Have you thought about just an old-fashioned generator with batteries and an inverter. You probably would get a good secondhand price for if you manage to get a reduction in the mains connection at some time in the future, so the cost in the long run might not be as much as you might think. It would probably cost more to run than mains but it would take quite a few years before you spend more than you would for a connection.
  • SnowflakesSnowflakes Forumite
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    Only just saw the recent posts. Sadly we didn't get anywhere with NIE and haven't made a start on building. We did look into a generator but it seems that it can be difficult to run a whole household on one so not too sure. Constestability is due to come in around August 2016 but NIE say they can't know for sure if it will in by then and whether it would reduce the price for us.
    Did you accept their quote CMCV?
  • Hi,

    In the same situation awaiting the bill from NI.

    It is so random the way they come up with the qoute. We have two houses up a small lane but like you not sure NIE will let us use the closest transformer.

    Had a neighbour pay 20k+ recently.

    Think we may ask can we do the ground work ourselves. Let's hope common sense prevails.

  • I had an installation completed last year, and it was expected that we completed all groundworks before NIE turned up on the day to begin the installation. The day before the install, an NIE contractor called to the site to inspect that the work ( trenching / lining etc ) before they called out. The quote I had was on this basis as I expect all quotes are.
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