MFW - Any helpful spreadhseets?

Hi All MFW`s

Does anyone have any helpful spread sheets which I can use to keep track of my potential mortgage end date. I use the calculator on this site but that assumes the OP is the same every month.

I have read plenty of your stories and they really are an inspiration to becoming a MFW (just need to convince the OH now).

We purchased our property in May 2014 on a 35 year mortgage but will start making overpayments of £77.80 in Jan 2015 which according to MSE calculator will save us about 8.5 years and about £33k in interest. If I could see how much each difference OP made it might be easier to convince her its a good idea.

Scoops :)


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    Try this one.

    I know a lot of people on here use it :)
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