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Hi All,

Firstly, I've been lurking for a while and have only signed up today so........first post!!

Not sure if this has been covered anywhere at all, but I was wondering if anybody could lend a hand at all.

I am very soon going to be needing a new laptop as I can tell that this one is on its last legs :(

Still, I have found a few where I can split the cost monthly and I was wondering if anybody had any good ideas on how I could make just £1 per day? I'm usually on my laptop or mobile for 2-3 hours per night 7 days a week so anything online would be ideal for me really.

If this post is in the wrong place, please let me know and I will get rid :)

Thanks people!!
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    I wouldn't buy anything on credit expecting to repay it through internet earnings if I were you.

    A site might pay you one day and be gone the next, it may not even pay you at all!

    Also, do you want the money in your bank account everyday?

    Many sites will pay you £1 per day, but it can take you 2 or 3 months to actually get what you have earned.

    If I were you I would look at sites that pay little, but have a very low payment threshold, and use several of them.
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  • Cheers for the advice. Ideally, I just want to have £15-20 per month that I can put towards the payment for the laptop really. I'm currently employed but all my money at the moment is doing the following:

    Clearing Loan
    Paying for Holiday
    Saving for Wedding

    It might be that I have to bite the bullet for a bit and use the laptop less so as to not wear it out!
    Being careful with money is something that took me 25 years to learn!
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    Good Luck, Brian, I hope everything works out well with your plans. Weddings in particular can be a real drain:eek:

    I second what's been said so far, and, as regards surveys in particular, I do loads and am constantly frustrated at how long it takes to payout, reaching the payment threshold of £20 or even £50 in some cases takes forever. Even when you reach that magic number they sometimes take up to 6 weeks to pay you. I'm currently waiting for £25 from one company (earned over several months and actually requested in October). Even if you start a survey you may be screened out because the quota is full or you are not in the right demographic. Just signing up to every survey company on the planet is no guarantee of making money fast

    Have you anything to sell? You're probably already doing this but just getting rid of unwanted CDs,DVDs, games etc can make a lot of extra cash on eBay and various other sites. Depending on how long you let your auction run for you'll have the cash in your bank within days rather than months.
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    Brian_Fury wrote: »
    I'm currently employed but all my money at the moment is doing the following:

    Clearing Loan
    Paying for Holiday
    Saving for Wedding

    Cut down on the expenditure on the 3rd item. Far too much money is wasted on weddings!
  • If I was starting out I'd sign up to

    - Onepoll - surveys and you can get invited to Onepoll+ which provides higher paying surveys
    - QMEE - get paid for searches, not every search but it does pay for little effort
    - MSE has an up your income page on the main site, lots of options there

    Between those three and a bit of effort getting £1 a day would be easy, it's when you start thinking this is too much work and you can do better for your time, thats the bit I am struggling with.
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    I think I would look at other options, as others have already mentioned- selling stuff. Could you cut out buying, for example; coffee, lunch or a magazine each week? I think just doing that would get you to your target. Maybe cycle to work, rather than drive. Or buy cheaper brands at the supermarket. E.g. I just went round the shops and saved more than the hourly rate at minimum wage in less than an hour, just by buying reduced items.
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