Bowling at the Odyssey

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Hi All,

I've never been a massive fan of the Odyssey bowling finding it overpriced and lackluster. Last week I went with a friend around 21:20 only to be told the venue was closing at 22:00 and we were only allowed one game. This seemed to be a very early closing time for what is supposed to be an entertainment venue but that is a side issue.

Upon going to our section the seats were overrun with a number of intoxicated girls who had to move, these girls were not even playing and seem to be accompany their equally intoxicated and slightly out of control partners. Having to put up with drunks may have been acceptable however as there is an on-site bar so this could be let slide also.

Upon beginning the game, after two shots the score line froze, upon going to a member of staff a technician seemed to be aware of the issue and quickly came over to work at the controls until it had to be re-set and the game had to start again from the beginning. The next issue was that each time the skittles were re-set there was a control issue and the technician again seem to need to manually manage the controls which took about two to three minutes each time to correct. Then 2/3 of our way through the game it ended, I had to go to the staff member to persuade him to let us finish and upon doing this he agreed to my request.

When 22:00 did arrive our game was just coming to an end and we were glad to be leaving, am I the only person who doesn't rate the Odyssey? I do concede that the staff were very good at dealing with each problem.


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    The Odyssey have been in touch following this post, they accepted that there were ongoing technical issues with the bowling lanes due to their complexities and they also accepted that excessive alchohol consumtion was an issue.

    They offered me four free games which to be honest I'm not keen on as I would prefer not to return to the venue.
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    Can I have them then?

  • Fair play to them for getting in touch with you.

    I live in Lisburn and I would drive to Dundonald before going to the Odyssey. The bowling in the Odyssey is just poor. I really miss the Superbowl just of Bedford St.
  • damianmcr wrote: »
    I really miss the Superbowl just of Bedford St.

    This right here
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    I'd rather they fixed the pool tables and got some decent arcade games in.
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    I have been impressed with how they've dealth with the complaint, however with the prices charged I would expect a rather trouble free bowling experience which has never happened for me at the Odyssey.
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    The Odyssey is a hellhole! :eek:
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    I availed of the complimentary tickets on Wednesday night, the Manager got in touch with me to advise that the Odyssey would supply a free hot meal to myself and a plus one and this was confirmed to me at 17:00 on the day in question. Having arrived at 20:00 we were informed that the chef had to go home sick so we went to Pizza Hut instead which was very good. On returning the the Odyssey for the bowling I spoke to the Manager to avail of the tickets and he asked why we didn't avail of the free food as well? I advised him of what the girl behind the counter said and he claimed that the chef was not sick and had only just left. Very bizarre to be honest but the bowling was better this time around.
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