Chuckle-butts Mortgage Free Journey

Well I have received my confirmation letter from the bank for my new mortgage… I do not have a new house… just re-mortgaged.:j

My current balance is £91,409 and the length of the term is 14 years and 8 months at 3.99 % interest, fixed for 2 years.:eek:

A bit of the background… I have spent the last few years working hard at trying to pay off my debt, which I am pleased to say I managed to make the last payment on 22nd May this year :j. In just over 3 years I paid off £22705 debt :eek:, but in order to do this I was making interest only payments to my mortgage for a while :(. I am married and have 2 kids, DD 4 and DS 2 :).

So what is the plan…

Short term, I need to save an emergency fund. I currently have £850 saved in an ISA and I would like to have £3000, so the plan is to save as much as I can in the near future (but still have lots of fun ;)), I would like to have saved this £3000 by 1st Jan ’15, however I do not think that is at all possible :rotfl:, but aim high eh ;)… if not I would like it saved by March 2015.

Long term, well if I am honest I am not completely sure!! Ideally I would like to buy a new bigger forever house sometime(not too big), so once I save the emergency fund, should I start overpaying the current mortgage, or should I save for a deposit for my ‘new’ house… :question:mmm I will have to mull that one over, any suggestions are greatly appreciated :D.
Emergency Fund 850 / 3000
Debt free as of 30/5/2014 :j
LBM MAR'11 total debt - 22705
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