Making an overpayment in branch

Hey guys,

Can I go in to a Nationwide Branch and make an overpayment on my mortgage using my credit card?

(I am trying to build up AVIOS)

Thank you
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    Hi Inigma

    It's not a simple yes or no I'm afraid. You need to speak to your card provider and fully understand how they would treat such a transaction. Some will treat it as a 'purchase' in the same way as if you buy petrol and others will treat it as a cash advance and apply all the normal fees so that could end up costing you a lot and outweighing all your avios point

    Don't dismiss the thought though as I've seen it done on here and it can be win win.

    Not sure if you are thinking of making your normal mortgage payments this way or additional payments and if the former, I would recommend you speak to your mortgage provider too as likely they'd have something to say if you cancelled your DD, S/O to them etc

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