This Fraggle has got into debt again!

I am so annoyed with myself!

I became debt free a couple of months ago December 2013! but in April i moved back out of my family home (two kids in tow). Into a lovely rented house with my partner!. Since then things have turned sour! my partner at the start of last month left, and i am now managing this house on my own. But i have also had to go off sick due to stomach problems :( and the stress seems to be aggravating this even more!

My ssp is not sufficient for covering all the bills, i have now been to citizens advice and been advised on HB and council tax relief.

I sat down today with my trusty calculator and written down all my debt i was shocked that i have let it climb slowly and spiral the last month (after having to buy some major appliances as ex owned them) My total Debt is £6765.00 :shocked: how could i let this happen??

I looked and i can afford to make minimum payments although i cannot add much extra to these. I am already panicking about christmas as i normally use clubcard vouchers to double up on toys for the little ones but this year have had to use them on to buy the school uniform! Moving back into said family home is no longer possible as my parents have already sold and are moving into a 2 bed bungalow!

The brown stuff has truly hit the fan! I am lost and truly do not know where to turn from here!
1% challenge £2015.50 = £20.16
Make £2.50 a day £80.82/77.50
Sealed pot opening Nov 2018: ???
Going back to being to basics. And penny pinching in 2018 This will be my year 😘


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