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Getting back on track

edited 25 August 2014 at 1:37PM in Debt free diaries
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savvyshesavvyshe Forumite
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edited 25 August 2014 at 1:37PM in Debt free diaries
Going to start a diary to keep me back on track. Started a diary a couple of times before, but rubbish at doing it so third time lucky I hope.
Got an expensive month next month DS and DGD, DH, DSis birthdays.
Want to start to eat into cc bill and pay off M&S card
Start to save to have bathroom fitted all bought inc. tiles so just plumber to pay.
Got money for DS, DGD and Sis present bought just party at home for DS as its his 18th. DH? might have to wait he wants a sat nav but might ask DD & DS's if they want to get this between them.
going to sit down tonight and see if I can cut direct debits down. Did cut car insurance down by £21.00 a month yesterday so a good start.
Be back when ive done the above.
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  • StressedStephStressedSteph Forumite
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    Hi Savvyshe

    Well done on starting a fresh new diary.

    Looks like you have an extremely expensive month coming up. Could'nt tell from your post if you are currently in any debt or if you are just starting a diary to keep you from getting into any debt.

    I have subscribed and look forward to hearing more about what your current situation is.

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    savvyshesavvyshe Forumite
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    edited 1 September 2014 at 8:10AM
    Back to update.

    Had limited spends this weekend, £31 grocery shopping not spent anything else except 2 magnums for me and DH yesterday. Will need a top up of bread and milk perhaps Wednesday.

    Paid £100 off M&S

    Paid £100 off Tesco CC son given me another £100 to pay off his part of debt.

    Going to look to switch talk talk

    Building and contents not due to January.

    Car Insurance switched saved £23.00 a month They were asking £46 got it down to £23.

    Mobiles ok on £21.00 for DH and DS2, mine paid for by DD for childminding, DS3 £7.50.

    No other debts as Car and Caravan paid for.

    Would like to drop a working day from September next year so that gives me a year to pay the following off

    Tesco £5,700.00 Aug( part £1,600 is DS's rest is mine) 0% interest till April
    £5,500.00 Sept

    M&S £700.00 Aug/ 600 Sept

    Sold quite a few items this last week total of £175.00 this going to bathroom fund need to get this fitted asap as its cold and horrible all tiles off bare walls no heating etc.

    Paid for DS's Provisional Licence last night £50, this is an extra present as I know he wants this so much. Going to give him £100 worth of driving lessons. He has a part time job so he can pay for or part pay for himself. Its a surprise so he will be pleased!!!!.

    Going to do some cleaning, the bathroom and bedrooms and then do some sewing before I go back to work tomorrow
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  • savvyshesavvyshe Forumite
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    Well its been a long time since I posted on here!

    Time for a fresh start been lurking and reading and still trying to cut down and save. Aim at moment is to pay off all debt in 9 to 12 months. going to keep this diary as a reminder why I am doing this.

    1. To be able to finish work and find a part time job doing something less stressfull if things get too bad again. Was really poorly last year due to one menber of staff.

    2. To be able to sell house downsize and live mortgage free!!!

    3. Not to feel guilty when I buy anything for myself.

    Just reading above has stopped me. I had put some things in my basket from M&S but now going to delete them.


    M&S 400

    Tesco 2294

    B/C 4211 1000 of this is DD and she paying this off in chunks


    Holidays 430 plus got 630 euros

    Emergency Fund 70

    ISA 6000 think it is

    Pension Fund 9125

    Going to post as often as I can and post what savings and frugal things I have done. I know we could pay off debts with savings but dont want to. all cc are0% except M&S which will be paid off in May.
    Going to really try to keep going with diary as I know reading eveyone elses is really inspiring. You put me all to shame.
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  • savvyshesavvyshe Forumite
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    Thank you Beat the Debt. I need all the encoragement I can get lol!!

    Got given some carrots and tomatoes today lovely freebe from DM

    Ate all the salad bits up from the fridge with oven chips and a whoopsied pasta chicken. It was really lovely.

    Made a menu plan and going to stick to it. Been through freezer shouldnt need too much shopping this weekend. Just lots of veg and fruit as I am losing weight and need to keep it up.

    Just been to Morries and Tesco and got some real bargains all for 3.45 a trolley full of stuff ww bread lovely veg apples pasta salads sandwiches for DS and DH buns and hotcross buns.

    Going to watch Caravanners of year Its a good laugh. Bye for now. xx
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  • savvyshesavvyshe Forumite
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    Hello Diary

    Been a week since I last posted had a good week with 3NSD 's. Had a bonus of. £40 DH helped out DS2 boss out at weekend so thats gone in a tin. Also DS1 paid me £30 for tickets we got for him. Isn't it always the same you feel guilty taking money from your children Even if he does earn more than double what DH and me have coming in lol!! Going to hide that money. I do like a secret stash. I don't know why? Think it makes me feel safe.

    Not had to put heating on for 2 nights so that's good. Hope weather keeps fine and warm for a while now, got all beds done over last few days. Its great to dry them on line instead of airers and rads.

    Just filled in a PPI form from Santander put it off for a week but they sent us another one today giving us 7 days to return. It actually wasn't as complicated as It first seemed. Just hate filling forms in ..... Anyway I will post it off first thing tomorrow. Hopefully should hear soon, might
    only be £200 but better in my pocket than theirs.

    0% runs out soon on Barclaycard so need to sort that out this weekend. Will have to adjust totals when I have done that. Also forgotten how to alter signature can anyone remind me how to do this please, as one on this diary is an old one from last time I had a diary.
    M&S 2,200.00
    Barclaycard £3840.00
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