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If you have a personal loan to buy a car as a present for your wife, the loan is in your name and through your account. The V5 is in your wife's name and the car invoice from the dealership is also made out to your wife. At no point was I asked to sign anything.
What would happen if the husband now deserted (ex husband now) stopped paying the loan. If it was HP I know they could re-possess. But can they with a personal loan in his name.

He has made no attempt to take car or ask for car just left and left it with me. No communication and won't respond. I have no idea if he means to carry on paying the loan or not and find myself wondering what to do I also do not know where he is. Before anyone says, he is alive, he informed the police he is alive.
For all I know he may pay the loan and then through the divorce we sell and share the car but until a solicitor of his contacts me I do not know what to do. Can the bank do anything.


  • Hi Starsea,

    A personal loan is what you call a "Unsecured Loan" Which means the money/debt is not secured against anything, which means they can't reposses what you used the money to pay for.

    With you situation if you husband paid for your car outright using that loan it means the car is fully paid off and the money is owed to who leant him the money. So he owes that company the money and not you because he took it out in his name.

    With the car if your the registered keeper of the car and your name is the only one that appears on the V5 of the car, noone has the right to repossess it. If your husbands stop paying the loan, you don't have to worry, because they will go after him and not you.

    Hope this helps?
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