Getting vegetables and fruits delivered to your door from online sites. Good or bad?

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Is this a good or bad idea?

I was looking online at local(ish) farms that deliver fresh produce, such as vegetables and fruits, to your door, and it's quite a good idea.

I have fallen for the hype surrounding organic produce. There is one online farm shop that delivers to my area, and they sell organic fruits and vegetables in boxes. You basically pick and choose which fruits/vegetables you would like, then they send it out to you.

Do you think this is a better way to buy fruits & vegetables? It just seems that most supermarkets sell organic produce that is expensive, and goes stale very quickly!

Have/do you use this kind of service at all, and if so, how did you find the produce?


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    I have used them in the past and found the quality better than supermarket produce. The boxes do tend to be a bit predictable although you can express preferences. Stopped having them as could no longer justify the expense.
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    I've always thought that if you generally like most vegetables and fruits those boxes are brilliant - a) you get things that are in season b) local c) organic. Cost-wise, I think they work out a bit cheaper than buying bits and pieces from a supermarket, but the difference isn't that significant.
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    Good or bad?


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    I like it. The company I use allows you to swop up to 8 items in your box if you wish, and the cheapest box is £10.95. I do the order every week and cancel it every so often if I have lots left over. They also do a 'blemished fruit for smoothies' box which is amazing value. I can't see what's wrong with most of it.

    It encourages me to eat more, and a greater variety of seasonal fruit/veg. I like that its a local company, they have brilliant customer service. I work full time and it's lovely to come home to a box of goodies in the garden.

    It is inevitably harder work though, I spend a lot more time on cookery websites trying to find nice/different things to do!

    I'd suggest giving it a go for a couple of weeks, it doesn't suit everyone.
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