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This time last year, I had a plan. I'd been given a credit card to consolidate my debts. I placed my balances onto the card and had every intention to close down the two cards that had been cleared.

One tattoo, four trips to London for interviews (yes, the interviews were needed, the £275 for a hotel room, however, was not.) and MANY irresponsible purchases later (£53 to go sit in a field watching Back to the Future was not my brightest moment.); all my cards are again maxed out, I'm 17 days away from being paid again and I'm wondering how on earth I can step outside my house without spending any money.

I've not been on holiday since 2009, I don't go out drinking (I can't even remember the last time I was drunk) and I haven't been on a date in over a year because, unless I know I can at least afford to go dutch- I can't bring myself to go out. I'm also scared of the man either: being put off with my inability to manage my finances or thinking I'm looking for someone to be my Tabula Rasa (A gold digger for those Non-Whedonites out there).

I had a phone call from my bank last week. 'We need to book you in for a review.' I was finally offered a loan, YES! Yes?? Hmmmm- 24% APR.... For a £9,400 loan I was going to be paying back £19,000.

Time for a change. Not a chance am I taking such an insulting loan. I can get debt free- WITHOUT the help of a loan. I'm going to budget the hell out of my life- and hopefully free myself up to go on a blasted bloody date!

The one thing I've not thought about is my goal. OK, yes, I want to be debt free. Time scale though?! A year, two? Do I am for the 5 that a £10,000 loan suggests?

Good night all.
Total Debt

HAL : OD- £1,980 CC- £1,400 Debenhams CC- £1,400 Baclays CC- £3,913 Littlewoods -£750


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    Why not aim to get an soa on here and see what you can reasonably afford to pay then set your target? Well done on walking away from your bank's generous offer!
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  • Sorry, what is a SOA?
    Total Debt

    HAL : OD- £1,980 CC- £1,400 Debenhams CC- £1,400 Baclays CC- £3,913 Littlewoods -£750
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    Hello there,

    Welcome to MSE. I would like to wish you all the very best with your diary. A 'SOA' stands for statement of account. You can complete one here and then post it up for us all to see. It can often help with budgeting and money saving. In addition, we can also make suggestions about the best way forward to manage the debts.

    Best wishes,

    David @ National Debtline.
    We work as money advisers for National Debtline and have specific permission from MSE to post to try to help those in debt. Read more information on National Debtline in MSE's Debt Problems: What to do and where to get help guide. If you find you're struggling with debt and need further help try our online advice tool My Money Steps
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