MSE Blog: Why I baked a wedding cake (and saved £430)

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    Wish I could have made my wedding cake but I just don't have the patience.. My siblings are paying for it but it's a 3 tier cake, for €350.. Which would be less in sterling so unless you are getting a monster of a cake!
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  • I also don't have the patience, this is a great idea though!
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    I DID use a professional and was soooo glad in the end! Saved me a whole lot of stress! I had a 3 tier cake plus 2 tray bake cakes for extra, set up at a cost of £265 which I thought was a bargain. Wish I could post a pic but it will only let me link to a website :mad:
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    Depending on what type of cake you want there's also the option of making the base cake(s) earlier and freezing it, meaning a little less stress about doing it near the day, other than needing to defrost and decorate a few days beforehand. It won't work for all recipes but some do well; a friend has a great ginger cake recipe that freezes excellently as we did quite a large cake for work (about a metre by half a metre or so) out of blocks of it he'd made over several weeks in advance. If in doubt about whether something will freeze well you can always make a small test cake with the recipe to check out what it's like after being defrosted.
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    I made my own wedding cake with my family and saved a huge amount of money... my cousin also did the same but it didnt come out quite so well top tier was a little wonky. However, no one noticed and it tasted gorgeous. I have a photo of mine on the guardian website if anyone wants to see it!

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