Debt free by 30!?

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    Are your water rates really £110 a month, if so you would probably be better on a meter.

    Only for two more payments.

    Then back down to normal prices. :)

    Not that I have any idea what our "normal" bill was, Think this is half my problem.
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    Re picnics etc, I used to love it when my mum made juice in bottles and froze it overnight - by the time I was really thirsty it had just melted enough to be super refreshing :)

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    I can't make heads or tails of my electricity bill. IT does seem stupidly high, but when I ring them with the readings they say "oh yeah it is right you must just use alot" Confusing as we don't tend to be wasteful with it, I.e don't leave lights on etc.

    Have you used a comparison site to see whether another company would be cheaper?
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    Since I opened this thread and forgot about its existence; we realised we were completely incapable of managing this on our own and sought out the help of step change. The relieve was amazing! now we are actually paying off our debts instead of just robbing peter to pay Paul every month.

    I'm back because i need a place to make a daily note of what i'm spending and with the hope that every now and then someone pops in and calls me out on it haha. I think my main issue is that I am bored. I know this isn't a huge excuse but i spend money simply because i have nothing else to do and it makes me feel better about it... i imagine that's quite common? I'm a sahm and it can get a bit "slow"

    Last month I was going through the online bank and i noticed in the period of 3 days I had spent somewhere in the region of 300 pounds in Homebargains/asda/tesco/morrisons. I couldn't even place what I had purchased. You would assume food ? I had to go shopping a few days later because the cupboards were bare. I know i did it because I remember going into those shops.

    we are dwindling down our debt thanks to stepchange but that's it and it's a very slow process. We have no savings still and wont be debt free for another few years! However if we keep making payments it will still be done before i'm 30. So not a complete loss

    Will post an updated SOA shortly; The goal is to start saving AND to shave a year off the estimated debt free date given in out stepchange budget. Need to correct my spending habits.
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