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MSE News: Church of England releases rap song to highlight payday loan dangers

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The Church of England's released a rap song featuring Martin Lewis which warns of the dangers of taking out payday loans...
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Church of England releases rap song to highlight payday loan dangers

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  • Bantex_2Bantex_2 Forumite
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    Oh dear....
  • MonkeyballsMonkeyballs Forumite
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    Ummm, honestly? I think it's pants - sorry.

    I understand it's trying to get the message across that PDL's are bad but who is the target audience here?

    Kids will think it's naff.

    Adults who have no experience of PDL lending will dismiss it as rubbish religious propaganda, those with experience will just worry more as it shows people being evicted!

    All that said, I do appreciate that it's been put out by CoE and it's not exactly the easiest subject to "rap" about but naff naff naff.

    Sorry, I hate being negative but naff naff naff!

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  • Oh !!!!!!...

    They were supposed to be "outcompeting" these companies, who supposedly have such big margins that they are ripe for some competition.

    How come they are now reduced to this rubbish?
  • Cant we just tweak Grange Hill's "Just say no" song :)
  • nearlyrichnearlyrich Forumite
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    Last I heard the church of England was invested in PDL company ?? If all the churches did as the bible says (sell all you have and give to the poor) there would be no need for PDL companies to exist.
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  • MothballsWalletMothballsWallet Forumite
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    I'll start giving a crap about the CofE when they put all their squirreled away monies into the Exchequer.
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