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Whats the quickest...

kippo1kippo1 Forumite
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Whats the quickest one of your comps has been ripped off this site and posted on another?
One of mine yesterday "Win one of 10 Sony LED 46" TVs"
was about 10 mins must be close to a record :D


  • gholmes724gholmes724 Forumite
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    Surely competitions are by their nature public domain.
  • fire**flyfire**fly Forumite
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    one of mine was about 5 mins :eek::rotfl:
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  • Neo187Neo187 Forumite
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    technically not 'your' competitions though?! Dont see what the fuss is, not that I do it, but surely a lot of competitons I enter have been posted because they have seen this comp on another site / forum. Big deal really...
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  • ikkle87ikkle87 Forumite
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    I don't think the issue is the same comp being posted on other sites but the fact the op's post has been copied and pasted in it's entirety - layout, wording, answers etc that is an annoyance
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