Does anyone not live in a house at all? (caravan, etc)

Sorry if this is the wrong board, I looked through them all but really couldn't decide where would be best!

Hubby and I were talking about maybe trying to live in a caravan for a year or something. We want to get debt free, we have a tight budget and manage fine on it but we're just paying off our debt much slower than we would like. I am self employed and work around his work hours, but to go to work full time would not be cost effective when considering childcare etc, so we feel that reducing our outgoings is probably the only option.

Almost half of our monthly take home pay is spent on rent, council tax, and utilities - and we rent a pretty cheap home for the area!

We need to stay close enough to hubby's work for him to commute, but we are both prepared to sacrifice comfort, privacy, etc short term to get out of the hole we've dug ourselves into. Just wondered if anyone else here has done this, can give me any suggestions or other options I might not have considered for living!

Thank you.
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