Mortgage Free By Jan 31st 2015 (with any luck)

hi not been on this forum in a while but just want to share my achievement thus far on raising enough money to hopefully pay off my mortgage by end of jan 2015.

I spilt with my ex on jan 24th 2011 and took on a £55k mortgage on my own £45k was paid from the re-mortgage of the old house total house valuation £110,000.

Im not sure how i have managed this but thus far i have saved up £40k in that time and i am currently making overpayments of £500 a month (this is the maximum im allowed to pay without incurring charges).

So now i am biding my time to pay off the remainder when im out of the early repayment charge fees....its exceptionally annoying but has to be done.

Can i keep my mortgage account open and borrow on it if necessary as i am aware once its paid i will have no savings to fall back on?
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