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    A review of last year's micro-plan 


    Get Sainsbury's delivery pass. I'm definitely sticking with them and their saver delivery slots have trebled in price for the slot I like.

    Done. This turned out to be really useful, as we could pick the slots that were most convenient, rather than work around the cheapest slots. Will carry on with this


    Get some more planters and plants for garden to build on what I started last year

    Sort of done.  The garden looked really nice in June, but then somewhat wilted in July, and some plants died off.  Then there was a general revival, and it looked good again in September/October.  Then the cold snap in mid December looks like a few more plants have been killed off.  I think this will be a work in progress for the next few years


    Cruises - 2 carried forward to May 2022 and March 2023, but have to be paid for by late January and November.
    I need to decide what to do with them.  I wasn't feeling keen before Omicron, but even less keen now - There's lots more pre cruise admin and lots of testing,  Even so, there are now outbreaks on ships and reports that people who test positive are being offloaded in various ports.  I'm getting very fed up of having to make the same decisions over and over again, so I may just draw a line under it, and cancel completely and lose the deposit money.  

    Hopefully go away for a few days at short notice if infections dip to a level I'm comfortable with

    As mentioned earlier, the May 2022 cruise was cancelled.  I was disappointed at the time, maybe it was for the best. We cancelled the cruise due in March 2023, and have not regretted this. We lost the £200 deposit, but felt the cruise wasn't right for us anymore. Just don't fancy living with 5000 other passengers for 2 weeks! 

    Also, as previously mentioned, the short breaks were a great success. I would like to think that our future includes more of these.


    Get new glasses - I definitely need a new prescription especially for reading.

    Done, and what a difference it made. I could barely see to read with my old glasses. I ended up with two pairs. Varifocals for general use and a reading only prescription for the laptop and my Kindle. It's worked very well.

    I'll return in a day or so with my little plan for 2023


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  • Hi Goldie. Like you we had cruises cancelled but we did manage a med cruise on Aurora in October. Life on board was back to normal and if there were any outbreaks of Covid we didn't hear of them and stayed clear of it ourselves. Didn't see any mask wearing among passengers although all the crew wore them. I have booked to go on Britannia in May 23 but just for a 7 day to Norway so fingers crossed we are ok on that one also. At 79yo (by the time I sail) I feel can't waste anymore time although my 2024 cruise to the med will definitely be my swan song.
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  • Goldiegirl
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    Enjoy your cruise this year, Chezza! 
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    If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough
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    I'm sure you're right to try to continue to be covid-free - between the risks of repeated infections, long covid and actual death, it's definitely vey high on my radar.  The "twindemic" we're hearing about right now has struck at my own family - a niece-in-law of mine managed to get a GP appointment, and they called for an ambulance and got her put straight into hospital :( and she's only in her 40s.  

    Enjoy the road trip!  I've never been to the Isle of Wight, but I'd love to go, I've scanned it on Trip Advisor, there's some lovely things there.  

    As far as cruises are concerned - the Iceland/Greenland one that I went on was by Fred Olsen - they kept the same number of staff, 1400, and only had 700 passengers (60 of whom got covid during the cruise itself, as well as unknown numbers like me that came down with it afterwards).  I'm glad to have gone, partly because I do feel things are getting more and more difficult to plan ahead, but I just don't know what to do for the best next year.
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  • Watty1
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    Good luck with this year's plans x
    Made it to mortgage free but what a muddle that became

    In the event the proverbial hits the fan then co-habitees are better stashing their cash than being mortgage free !!
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