I want to dispute my Council tax band. Please help!

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Hi All

Recently purchased our first property for me and my wife.

When we purchased the property it was a BAND C however we received notification from VOA that they have reason to believe to change the band to D as 'alterations have been made to the home' which would take it to the next band.

The only thing that has changed is the last owner brought the garage in line with the frontage of the property. Traditionally in the area I brought the house when the property was built in 1935 the garages were built towards the rear of the property. most people though have changed this design in the last 30 years on my street to bring them to the front.

No other additional work has been done to the property.

The street I live on has a mixture of detached and semi-detached and looking on the VOA and Zoopla and other similar sites most properties are a C, but some are D and very few are an E.

From what I can tell from Zoopla most of the D and E are Detached properties which would make sense for them to be in a D, however mine is a semi and I don't believe it warrants an increase to a D, it's just a standard semi-detached like the other Band C properties.

Once I received the letter from VOA they did state I can query the change if I feel its not reasonable and I have done this. VOA have now sent me a form to fill out which is a proposal to alter the valuation list (V07455GN).

It's mainly a tick box exercise however there is a section where I need to give reasons why I believe the valuation is inaccurate. I have a few reasons for this and was going to continue on a separate sheet with evidence from my findings on the internet.

Please please if anyone can advise how I can build the best case possible and any tips would be greatly appreciated.

I am aware when a sale is made in the United Kingdom on a house it triggers this with VOA but i believe it's just another way for them to take extra money without any real reason why its justifies a increase in BAND. They not even attended the property to see where I am coming from which has annoyed me. I am guessing this is just a tactic they trying doing just to get extra money from people.

Am I being unreasonable? Is this quite standard? I have lived in this area for over 25 years and I am confident that this property in 1991 would not have been in the Band D range but how do i support this fully?

Appreciate any advice on this. Apologises if this is in the incorrect forum area.



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    Are you sure that all the previous owner did was to lengthen the garage, they didn't create another room in the rear part of the garage did they? n Just briefly list the addresses of similar houses in Band C, not much else you can do at the present time

    Increasing a CT band will not bring extra revenue for the VOA as they are part of HMRC and not the council.
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