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Hi & thanks for reading.

I have been aware for some time that you can claim back ppi, but one of my friends has advised me that i might be able to claim back secured loan charges?

about 15 years ago i took out a secured loan through swift advances plc of around 17k to consolidate outstanding debts & carry out some essential maintenance of the house, i had paid them with out fail for around 2 years until my partner became pregnant & was forced to give up work due to illness. I fell behind with payments even though i was paying something towards the loan but the charges kept on mounting up approx 2 years after swift took out a repossession order on the house but i managed to postpone it & put the house on the market & a few weeks later the house had sold & it came to getting a final settlement figure from swift....

I had spoken to the them & they gave me a verbal figure of about 32k..ok lesson learned but when i actually got it in writing it was just over £44k there was nearly 10k of late payment charges & fee's for being in arrears plus it seemed every other charge they could think of!

Now my question to you is would i be able to claim any of this back as it was such a long time ago approx 10 years from settlement, i have no paperwork to support this claim just some horrific memories of some very bad times & if i could claim how would i got about it?

again thanks for your time in reading this & maybe offering some advice

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