Start of the menopause?

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Hi :hello:

I wondered if anyone could tell me what pre-menopause symptoms are please?

I'm nearly 40 and for the last few months have had mood swings, feeling down in the dumps for a couple of weeks and then fine for a couple. When it starts I feel generally discontented with my life, bored and sometimes tearful. I've gone from being happy with my own company to feeling the need to be around people all the time and it feels I have this painful empty hole inside that I can't fill. There is no reason for this and I have a nice life, job and family. I keep thinking its different things, but know its not and I just can't put my finger on it, if that makes sense. I feel like i'm turning into a different person :confused:

A friend suggested it was perhaps the start of the menopause. I was quite shocked TBH as I thought it started later than 40, but am now wondering if she's right.


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    A small percentage of women do go into the perimenopause and even the menopause before the age of 40. If it's 2 weeks up 2 weeks down, it could well be your hormones - I'd recommend you speak to your doctor to see what they suggest. In my case, things started going slightly awry at 43/44 and were 'done' by 48, but then I have PCOS so nothing was ever normal.
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    Could be worth asking your GP to check your hormone levels...they can tell from blood tests if they are dropping.

    You can start taking a range of vitamins which may help (incuding soya) but again, perhaps best to check with your GP first.

    Some good reading here

    Take care
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  • Thank you both xxx

    I have no other symptoms on the list claudie, but think I need to get it checked as I will feel better if I at least know why its happening.
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    You can get the symptoms 18 months before your periods mess around, it doesn't always show up on your blood results. I am now on a mix of soya, starflower oil and agnus castus, which works for me. Also get your doctor to do a full blood count and get your thyroid checked out. Now on thyroxine and feel much better. Good luck
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    Thank you jannyannie, I wouldn't have considered my thyroid. I have just looked up the symptoms of underactive thyroid and I do have quite a few of them. One is I have been having difficulty swallowing and have had to eat with a drink for some time. One site had a quiz and it says I need it checked, I hate going to the doctors, but I will call them tomorrow.

    Thanks again
    BB x
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    My gynaecologist told me that oestrogen levels do a sudden plummet around the age of 38 - I'd assumed that at 39 I was much too young to think about that.
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    I can remember having severe night sweats on random occasions for a few weeks around the age of 40 - then nothing until the menopause started to really kick in around 50. Excessive bleeding, anxiety, weepiness and generally feeling panicky.

    Darned hormones!

    PS. Looking back I really do wish I kept a diary of these kind of symptoms, as it is so difficult to remember dates etc. when things begin.
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