Care Home Fees - How Long should It Take?

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Hi all, been a long time since I posted anything, but always pay you a visit for some positive vibes.

Anyway, its a question on behalf of my Mother who submitted 2 x care home reclaiming requests via solicitors (I know I told her to do it herself!!) over 18 months ago and is still waiting to hear if she has been successful.

I believe the medical records for both parties were verified by experts and it was felt she had a very good case on both occasions. The solicitors told her would submit the claims to the NHS department dealing (in Wales??). This was over 12 months ago in one case, 6 months in the other. Whenever she contacts the solicitors, they just fob her off saying they cant speed the matter up and they just have to wait. They also claim the NHS have a massive backlog and will deal with it when they get round to reviewing the case.

Is this correct or are the solicitors just stringing her along.

Anyone have any experience of timescales? There is very little on line (other than solicitors claiming it would take between 6-12 months...ha!) and I cant find any success stories on here.

Thanks in advance.


  • Hello - does anyone know of either a petition or campaign group against the Primary Care Trusts taking so long to consider claims please?

    It is a national disgrace that there seems to be no one to help us with this as the PCTs have all the cards stacked their way ie against claimants - many of whom are pensioners like myself! Are they hopeful WE will die before they look at the claims?

    I was forced to take a deferred loan against her flat for my Mother's residential care - she had Parkinsons - with Hampshire County Council at 8% (eight) per annum to pay her care fees.

    We can't sell her flat - so loan is still accuring and is now over £22000 - although she died 2 years ago in March having used all her savings for her care - leaving £1000!.
    Submitted the PCT claim (what a form) plus mountains of evidence - which PCT and related bodies really didnt want to let me have - and now we wait - up to 5 years, I have heard??
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