MSE Blog: I’ve a mountain of toiletries. So why am I rushing out to buy more?

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"Rummaging around my beauty cabinet recently, I realised I’ve probably got enough lotions and potions to last me a couple of years. So can I justify buying items in this week’s potential Boots 75% off sale?..."

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I’ve a mountain of toiletries. So why am I rushing out to buy more?

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    Great post ! Remind me to buy shares in Boots :D

    I buy 3 glycerine soaps from BodyShop when they were on offer - currently I have more soaps in my bathroom than the shop has on its shelves. And I am shopping today for deodorant - from whichever shop has it on offer below £1, and toothpaste from Poundland.
  • I'm exactly the same - but this years New years resolution is not to buy any more toiletries or make up unless I have actually run out - which with my stash won't be any time this decade ..... 15 days in, only had one hiccup - which is pretty good for me .... only another 300 odd days to go .....
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    Because advertising hype means you don't think about whether you actually need it. I periodically go through my toiletties box and discard/think about if I actually need anything. I only ever buy my 3 favourite things and use up presents for the rest.

    Don't buy anything unless you will use it....
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    Went to the Boots 75% off sale yesterday when I received my email-I would estimate 90% of items were sold out. I wish-listed 10 items that were "available", but in check out, all were gone. A waste of half an hour!!!!
  • We are same just can't help buying more even though we haven't just got the shelf above the hand basin(Holds lots) but also two Stn'less shelves with 4 sectioned with bottom two with glass door so holds a bit more stacked right to the back... then our airing cupboard is full of the latest hoard from TKM. Some of them been there for years still can't stop....

    so you are not alone and extreme
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