MSE Blog: Will you be signing a No Unnecessary Present Pact this Christmas?



  • No. I've gone out and bought my extended family presents which they will enjoy, but would NEVER have asked for.

    Although I have had a very strict budget.
  • What is an unnecessary present though? What is unnecessary to one person might be necessary to another.

    I have donated money to charities this christmas and purchased oxfam unwrapped presents to give, but i love buying, giving and making presents for my 'small' family and i give lots to all, without remorse. But i am also canny and don't like to waste money so buy only what i know the recipient would like/use. So maybe that is me not buying unnecessary gifts?
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    We've done an Oxfam charity gift instead of cards at work this year, and I gave charity donations to my extended adult family.

    I also haven't posted any Christmas cards (although have given them to family members as I've seen them), but more because I've had no time (and have now missed last posting dates) than because I wanted to save money! I've sent greetings via facebook or email instead.

    For our kids, I learnt my lesson a couple of years ago when I went way over the top and spent loads on toys that I wanted to buy them, then when our very generous extended family members asked what the kids wanted, I had no ideas as I'd already bought it all. The kids ended up with way too much stuff and were completely overwhelmed by it all. Now when the family ask what they'd like, we tell them the toys that we would previously have bought ourselves. Then we buy each child one 'big' thing that we know they will like and use and that is going to benefit them (e.g. a bike, to encourage motor skills and outdoor pursuits), and then they get to write to Santa to ask for one special pressie from him - they usually ask for something relatively inexpensive as they have no concept of cost/worth yet. I then usually cave in and buy a few little extras that I know they'll love, plus a stocking of course (but that's more about the magic of Santa than extra pressies). Then we just try and do lots of special Christmassy things with them, as for us, time with the kids is far more important than anything else. We do cheap or free activities (like the crib service at the Cathedral - great fun and worth doing even if you're not religious (we're not), to encourage the kids to understand the true meaning of xmas.
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