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Been reading this forum for a while and find it such an eye opener and inspiring. We moved house in November taking on a much larger mortgage which I would love to pay off early.

Today I have rung the BS and made an overpayment (making sure the repayments stay the same). It wasn't a huge amount but it's something. My mortgage allows any amount of overpayment so I'm sure I'll behunting round for all spare cash.

Thanks eveybody for sharing experiences. It something I would never have got round to doing.

It'll be a long time coming but maybe one day I'll be able to post a thread saying 'From 2.11pm today......." ;)


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    It's a great feeling being able to work out how much time you have knocked off your mortgage with your overpayment and inspires you to do some more!
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    :T Well done! Every little helps!

    I know what you mean! I'm finding this a good source of motivation to keep me focused of getting myself on a better financial footing!

    I'm taking part in the mortgage free in 3 years challenge but will not end up mortgage free by then tho! I'm aiming to try and cut 11k off my mortgage by then but I've now decided to fill my full 3k ISA allocation before actually paying off the mortgage as I'll get a higher rate on my ISA (at least this year anyway) as its tax free.

    This site is v helpful and its nice to communicate with others who don't think you are demented for trying to get rid of your debt (mortgage is Debt in my book :rolleyes: ) as soon as you can!

    Good luck!!
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