paying off mortgage over the counter?!

good morning all,

i have a quick question that i hope you can help me with.

i am looking to pay off my mortgage in full asap and when i rung up the Halifax to see how i can do this, they said i was unable to do it over the phone, however I can just pop down to my local branch and pay it off over the counter. i didnt even have to make an appointment with a mortgage advisor.

can anyone tell me whether they have done this before and how easy it actually is. atm it sounds too easy (cynical me). is it just a simple case of me just giving them my mortgage ref no, saying i want to pay it off and just inserting my debit card.

your answer will be much appreciated as i am hoping to do this on saturday. i just dont want there to be any surprises when i get down there!!

many thanks


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    I can't answer your question but how exciting to be able to do that!!!
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    I'm afraid I don't know wither, maybe you could phone up and ask another agent to double check?

    But pretty please, go down and pay in coppers. It would make my day :D
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    Saturday!!! Think of the interest you're losing ;)

    Congratulations on being able to pay it off.
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    When I paid mine off in 2009 I had to call the Halifax first to check the exact amount that was due on the day that the payment was going to go through, then made an electronic transfer, but I could have equally gone straight in and paid at the desk (as I have done previously with a large amount). Of course the amount of interest they will charge will depend on how long your payment takes to go through.

    Welcome to the land of the mortgage - free!
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