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Hello, Seeking advice on p87 please... stuck on forms..
I am trying to reclaim the tax back on my other halfs milleage. He works in construction & does not have a permanent place of work which lasts longer than two years, nor does he recieve any milleage allowance from the company he works for.
A few years ago he claimed threw an accountant but this time , we are going to try and do it ourselves.
Right so he drives 20 mile a day less 2wk holidays,
so that equals 5000 a year,
at 45p per mile equals 2,250
so am i right in thinking he will recieve 20% of this figure? which would be 450.00. each year for the past two years?

Also he does buy some of his own tools if there needed for the job. & i know he can try & claim tax refie for them too.
On the front of this form p87, it is written, Only complete this form if your allowable expenses do not exceed 2,500.
My question is, does this mean he can't claim for tax relief on tools?.
As the figure he wants to claim tax relief on is 2,250, or ready for millage? even thou he will only recieve 20% of this back. 450 per year.
Or does this mean the total of overall money you can get back in cash?
I know you can clain more back but hes an employee so doesn't want to do tax return.
Sorry if its a silly question but its our first time filling out the form & i really dont want to get it wrong thanks in advance for any replies :D
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