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quick question, attachment of earnings was awarded against myself and wife (joint judgement) however, when wife finished work the attachment moved to my salary which was fine but it looked like CAPS re-ordered the original amount and we ended up paying £800 over the original judgement as the creditor didn't inform the court it was satisfied and CAPS wouldn't stop until this was received.

Due in court on Monday, as creditor claimed there was stil £1000 owing (??). Letter through today, saying it was a mistake and they want to repay me at £80 a month... even though I was overpaying them £100 a month.

I'm not happy and want it all back asap. They have sent details of their accounts (they are a building firm) to the court claiming a loss of £8k last year etc..

I've done some snooping online and their 2012 accounts show net assets of £75k. This was made up of assets of £325k less liabilities of £249k. Thye were building selling/renting properties. I know one of the Directors is living in a house they previously rented for example....well he's registered @ 2012.

Where do i stand? I really feel fo rthem losing £8k last year but when my wife finished work due to Ill health, our income dropped by over £20k but didnt' stop them asking for more money when this occured.
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