Root canal treatment with NHS dentist or specialist?

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    sorry double post
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    Just to highlight the differences, I can hand on heart tell you I am not as good at some treatments as I am at others. Ask me to treat a tooth with an immature root i.e. what we call an open apex or one with weird internal root anatomy and I can confidently have a go. Ask me to take out your impacted wisdom tooth and we are getting in to problems! I am "competent" at taking out most teeth but I wouldnt say it is a strong point and I not only know OF people better than me I work with them daily. Lets not get started on my denture making skills either!! ;-)
    What I am saying is all of us have our skills and strong points. We must recognise what they are and bow out of that job if it beyond our abilities.

    Thank you.

    I read this just before going to bed and it has gone round and round all night.....

    Surely, my dentist must feel she is competent doing RCT as she has offered to do the tooth privately with superior equipment and materials!

    Surely you wouldn't offer to do something privately if you were rubbish at it.

  • xxdeebeexx

    this is probably not going to help you at all but:

    the ability to offer private dentistry does not convey high quality or competence . there are bad dentists out there, both NHS and private. there are also very good dentists working both in the NHS and privately. which one you have is pot luck!

    If you are rubbish at a treatment, then technically you should not be offering it all, even under the NHS!

    ask your friends and family for recommendations if you are unsure about your dentist.
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