MSE News: Dwell 'might' deliver unfulfilled orders

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"Dwell customers with outstanding orders still have little information on whether their items will ever turn up..."
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Dwell 'might' deliver unfulfilled orders


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  • rufusjrrufusjr Forumite
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    Finally got through on the number after repeated attempts. They will not be fulfilling our £80 bedding which we ordered so lets hope the credit card company comes up trumps.

    Hope nobody else purchases from this shoddy company.
  • musmarmusmar Forumite
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    I liked that shop but they've just disappeared from my high street. One day they were there as usual and next, everything was empty
  • Their Glasgow store re-opened last weekend.

    I went in this week to ask whether my furniture order from May would be delivered. The staff member didn't even bother asking for an order reference or what items had been ordered, he just advised that no pre-administration orders would be delivered and the only thing to do would be to claim back from the credit card issuer and perhaps re-order if the items came back into stock.

    After leaving the shop I went back and re-read the email and press releases by the new (old) owners. Whilst those had given me the impression that they might honour existing orders, upon re-reading them it's clear that they managed to avoid actually saying that they would!
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