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Does anyone else make money selling books on Amazon Trade In? You don't get paid in cash but you get Amazon Gift Certificates which are credit vouchers that you have 12 months to use. I've been digging around looking for books that are worth trading in and have made a few pounds already. Amazon pay the postage so it is well worth doing. All you have to do is provide the packaging. Once they have received the book and checked it is ok they credit you with the relevant amount.

Worth looking out for books at car boots if you have an idea as to what is worth trading in. Take your mobile with you and pop on and check before purchasing.

Then you can buy items off Amazon and pay with your Amazon Gift Certificate vouchers ;)

It's a great way to save for birthday or Christmas presents or just any everyday items you may need.

Also, you can trade in Video Games.

here is the link:


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    I've just sent off two boxes of books today - almost £60 worth if they accept everything!

    Does anyone know how to interrogate the website for good books to sell? I'm thinking of making a list of some lucrative books to keep an eye out for at boot sales, charity shops etc.

    Otherwise perhaps we could pool our wisdom on some books we've been surprised to get good money for. I know they will change over time but it might give some idea.
  • I don't think there is a certain way to find good books, maybe just browse in technology categories and ones like that?
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    The best thing to do is to keep a look out for books that are being sold really cheaply or in a sale. Make a note of them when you see them (mobiles are great for this) and then check them out on Amazon. Remember that on amazon trade-in prices go up and down and can change within a very short time. Also sometimes books are removed from their trade-in so one day you may see it listed, the next day it may be gone. It can be very unpredictable.

    Also keep an eye open in charity shops and car boots. Once again, a mobile is great for either recording the information so you can check later, or for checking directly on Amazon ;)

    If you see a book and check it out and it is worth sending to trade-in, I would definitely advise you to submit it online as a trade in, even if you have not bought the book yet. I suggest this because of the fact that, as mentioned above, prices change all the time and books seem to disappear off their list. Once you have submitted it you have seven days in which they guarantee to pay that price so long as you post it within that time scale. If for some reason you don't go ahead with the trade in, you can cancel it without any problems. I have made the mistake of spotting a book but not submitting it before buying it. I then bought the book and then when I went on Amazon it was off their list. This is why I think this is a crucial piece of useful advice.

    Well known paperbacks generally don't fetch much, if anything. Hard back versions do seem to pay more. Just always remember to check you have the right edition and that the ISBN number on the book matches the one required on Amazon. It is surprising how many editions of a particular book are out there. So don't just go on the title and author, check the ISBN number too.

    I've found that older, more unusual books sell well on trade-in. Examples are cookery books, especially books about foreign cookery. Also, medical books and pregnancy/baby books do well too.

    It's trial and error really, but never buy a book unless you are certain that it is on the trade-in, that it is the correct edition and that you can make a profit.
  • This is something I've just started looking into today. Do the book have to be in perfect condition to trade? Is this a better way than selling them second hand?
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    Amazon do list some criterion about the state and condition of the book such as no turned corners or writing on pages or missing pages, water damage or if it smells strongly. I have found that so long as you follow these criterion, that if a book is in good condition or better it will accepted. I have sent in books that have had obvious use but they have all been accepted. Always check if you buy a second hand book that it has not been written in, such as when someone puts in a message when giving a book as a gift. Also check for the other criterion mentioned above. You will soon get a feel for what to check for.
  • I've sold 10 odd books on Amazon as a seller but never tried Trade in.
    Competition is tough from the booksellers, they have got software which keeps their prices lowest all the time.

    The trick is to be honest, keep it simple and don't brag it like a pro seller.

    I've tried other sites as well, including eBay and I would say Amazon always wins.
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    Well both my trades went through no problem, I now have almost £60 of books that I will actually read on their way to me! :j
    Shame I don't have a smart phone or I could follow McFillys excellent advice! I will just have to be content with thinning my own collection for now!
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