rebuilding my credit


i was discharged from bankruptcy in may 2009,since then i have not touched and any form of credit at all,all i have is a visa debit card as my main bank account that's all.

decided to apply for a mobile phone with vodaphone today and got declined,so than i decided to get a credit report to see what was going off, the credit report says i have a good score of 887,but i have 2 negatives 1 being im not on the electoral roll,and the 2nd its still showing defaults form 2009

is this a normal ? is there anyway that i could improve things ? ive just downloaded the electoral forms to send off to the council that may help ?

any help would be great thannks


  • Follow the credit reference file clean up sticky. That will show you what to do with regards to defaults and make sure that you do all three.

    The electoral roll, defaults and having no credit would all have affected the descicion. Your score means diddly squat all firms have their own criteria for credit scoring.
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