MEP Pensions Scam

I thought the following post which was put on the vent board by "popdeny" would be of interest on this board. Here's the link:-

MEPs Pension Scam
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    Not about pensions, but check this site out

    How well does your MP perform?

    Want to send them a message about it?

    .....under construction.... COVID is a scam
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    Thanks fran ,for plug.Emailed my euro MEP asked the question ,ignored first email but I sent it again and received this reply "none of the UK Labour MEP's will accept any additional pension scheme other than that provided for by their national government -ie England &Scotland"
    Thats good as far as Labour are concerned But what is the position with the other parties,perhaps we should ask our Tory MEP's etc.
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    Nice one Milarky,tried the website perhaps more people should have look .thanks
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    That's really good of our MPs to do that. Choosing to try and survive only on their 1/40th accrual, fully index-linked, non-contributory, taxpayer-funded, final salary pension scheme.

    It must have been a difficult decision to make.

    I might suggest that they vote themselves another pension increase if they get another term in office, assuming that they can find the time between spending important parliamentary time discussing burning issues like smacking and shagging their personal assistants.
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