Joint mortgage frustration

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Hi, i have a joint mortgage with my ex. We had the house valued before we moved in. We split up 5 months later after I spent time and money making home improvements. I have realised in the nearly 2 years I have not lived there she hasn't payed the mortgage and it's affected my credit rating terribly. I have tried every possible way to correct this but the bank have turned me down. The house is now being repossessed. I had an estate agent tell me the place is destroyed inside. Which was nothingg to do with me . My ex doesn't work and has left the property which because of her neglect will have a massive short fall. Because I have worked all my life and been in my job for ten years and she does nothing I will be looked at for the entire short fall. I have council tax records that prove I moved out when I did. Do I have any options. Please!!


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    Hi Adamjm

    Sorry to hear what's happened to you. I've no idea what your options are, I'm afraid. This probably isn't the best board to look for help. Try the mortgages board, or the family & relationships board, or maybe even the house buying/renting/selling board. Any of those would be more likely to have people that can give you the info you need than this place, which has a different focus.

    Good luck, anyway.
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